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We have a variety of guests lined up. Ranging from Cosplayers, Performers, YouTube Stars, Voice Actors, Panelists and More. More to be Added Soon.
Class 1 Weeb

Class 1 Weeb

We are a cosplay group with members access the north west we so in character panels with games like truth or dare and other audience participation games. We met just before the pandemic so spent the majority of lockdown practicing and improving to try and provide the best panels we can.

Attack of the 50ft Nerds Podcast

Attack of the 50ft Nerds Podcast

Tap dancing on gravel since 2012, the Attack of the 50ft Nerds Podcast hosts Mike, Amara and Paul cast an askew eye over the world of movies, comics, TV shows and weird news from around the world, performing their unique brand of comedy that they refer to as "Sit Down Stand-Up".

Afrogeek House

Afrogeek House

Hi! My name is Afro Pierre the homeowner of the AfroGeek House 😛!
I am a professional dancer who has a passion for all things GEEK!
Watch us perform on the main stage, and/or come join us for some fun at our guest table.

Tengu Taiko Drummers

Tengu Taiko Drummers

Feel the power of the Japanese drums with the Tengu Taiko Drummers who play both traditional and contemporary pieces. Their performances are energetic, exciting, and are as much a visual show as they are to listen to. Performance also includes the Shishimai (獅子舞) lion dance. A traditional Japanese dance in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume to festival music, which is rarely seen in the UK. Tengu Taiko Drummers have also recently appeared on the big screen in 'Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness'.

Doctor Steevo

Doctor Steevo

I am Doctor Steevo. I am a French Caribbean from Paris, I live in Oxford UK.
I make idm music : electronica, easy listening, dance, chill out music. I love Japanese Anime. My favourite at the moment is " Attack Of The Titans" . I used to taste video games ( X-Box ) as a job before when I was living in London. My new album " Theory Of Change " is coming out in May 2021 . I use a launchpad and have some visuals when I play live.
Let's all have some fun together and celebrate our love and passion for anime, video games, movies.

Suzie Geeforce

Suzie Geeforce

Hey everyone! I'm an electronic music producer/singer/songwriter influenced by Videogame OSTs: especially Sega, Nintendo and Hoyoverse games! My latest singles include Aurora Archives and Joyride. I'm also a streamer and occasional speedrunner on Twitch - check me out on!

Mangaloids Podcast

Mangaloids Podcast

We are Weeb warriors, tasked with helping others find their way into the warm embrace of good anime. Join us on our journey to review different anime to help you find your perfect show and become complete within yourself... We also like Waifus.

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